It’s been hard for me to write lately. I’ve been struggling with a rather deep depression. Ever since I “dropped out” of university because of medical disability, I’ve been feeling lost, aimless, and defeated.

To make it worse, my health has been poor, I’ve lost several friendships that I considered very dear to me, and my romantic relationship has gotten a bit… bumpy.

So I must again ask you to bear with me. I’m hoping to update within the next couple days – (Writing is therapeutic, I know this, but I avoid writing about the most painful things – don’t we all?) – but I’m trying to convince myself there’s no rush. I can get quite stressed / neurotic about what I consider my “obligations” and “responsibilities” – mainly the infamous I CAN’T EVER EVER LET ANYONE DOWN OR I’M A BAD PERSON syndrome.

If there’s anyone, anyone at all, out there reading this… thank you.


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