My hiatus from this blog ended up being infinitely longer than I thought it would. This is for several reasons.

First, the counselor that inspired me to create this blog is gone. She was working in the student counseling office under an internship. She’s one of the only counselors I’ve ever met that was able to help me completely open up, and didn’t make me feel like a bug under a microscope. Losing that support was a bit of a blow to the momentum.

Second, my health has been horrible. My medical disability (which I am not sure I touched on to any great lengths and will have to write about later) has been a boatload of trouble. I’ve spent days upon days in bed, feeling exhausted and grumpy and not at all myself.

Third, the trouble caused by my medical disability has been causing me to slip in school. Last semester, I failed courses for the first time in my life because I couldn’t meet the demands of my classes. Considering that I have spent 4 years in university and still have no degree to show for it, my parents can no longer help me with my education.

Suddenly I have to figure out how I am going to afford school and support myself. I’m up to my eyeballs in pages about student loans and disability benefits, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I’m thinking I need this blog more than ever.


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