MFM: Queer Zine Lit

It’s My Favorites Monday, and I’d like to highlight: Queer Zine Lit.

What It Offers:
Manifestos – soap box talk from free form expression to essays
Free Verse
News Headlines
Message Board
Links & Resources – on LGBT issues, fat acceptance movement, sexual freedom, racial diversity,  and disability

What It’s Like:
“Identities are multiple. Identities are complex. And while we often are asked to check off the boxes that define us, identity is not easily caged. QueerZineLit challenges the status quo notion that we must assimilate to succeed. At the same time, QZL recognizes inevitable overlap between communities. The key is to examine what privilege we possess and discover ways we can become allies for each other.”

Why I Picked It:
I find myself thinking back to the manifesto written by Jessica Gird, “Female Masculinity  and Shame Amongst Lesbians”. Female masculinity is a topic I have a mild obsession about. As I mentioned when I highlighted Sophia Wallace’s photography, I have a love affair with masculine women. But there’s more to it than that… I cannot quite word it yet, but I think it’s something that merits another entry further on down the line.


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