Winner of the Excellent Blog Award

Today is my birthday, and I consider it a wonderful present that I recently won the Excellent Blog Award from lastcrazyhorn over at Odd One Out.

In the tradition of the award (originally started by Shannon at the Mommy Project), I now must pick ten others to bestow it upon. However, I’m going to bend the rules a little and just pick five. ; )

In alphabetical order:

Abyss2Hope. This blog was started by writer and novelist Marcella Chester, who persevered through a traumatic rape with courage and determination. My recent posts have been in part inspired by her frankness and openness.

Cripcrick’s Weblog. Okay, lastcrazyhorn mentioned her too, but I couldn’t help it. Her blog is that great. Take a look at her recent poem, The Disability Experience, to see her gift with words.

Judgesnineteen’s Girly Thoughts. I think this feminist blog is phenomenal! Every post is high quality and thought provoking. Check out the entry Dear Googlers to witness her wicked humor.

Tera’s Sweet Perdition. Video game reviews AND disability chatter in the same blog? For me, total heaven. For a taste of her style, read one of her recent posts, Hard Parts.

Nolittlelolita. I found her blog through Feministe. This is one fierce young woman who is making her own way as a feminist and as a writer. I recommend her most recent post regarding feminism and gaming, The Sliding Scale of Gaming.


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