Plans and Mission Statement

I’ve been having a few problems with WordPress…among them being it’s tendency to publish drafts without the addition of any editing done after the save…it did this earlier and I had to delete the post… Publishing from a computer other than my laptop, I don’t seem to have these problems…

Anyway… a quick post to focus myself in these hectic last days of the semester!:

Mission Statement of the Venus Speaks blog:
My goal with Venus Speaks is to paint a picture of what it means, on an individual and broader societal level, to be a queer, disabled woman. This will be accomplished by sharing relevant information and anecdotes from my day to day life.

Posting schedule:
Current decision – Consistently Mondays & Fridays, other days if applicable

Upcoming Blog Features:
Monday – becoming ‘My Favorites’ Monday. Sharing Sophia Wallace’s Bois and Dykes project with a few of my friends elicited more enthusiasm than I expected! I thought it might be a good idea to make it a regular feature. I’d like to use My Favorites Monday to keep track of new things I’ve found and liked, and hot topics/ discussions capturing my attention at the moment.

New pages – Links, Projects.


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